Hair Follicle Replication


The ACHM2® (Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method) was developed by Mark Weston as a one-time permanent application that naturally blends with any hair color and skin tone. Our artist Kim Kohli has been trained by the developer, Mark Weston, for the necessary “touch” for the proper insertion depth without the result of “bleeding” (eventual migration/spreading of the pigment). The replicated hair pigmentation follicles remain true to their original size in later years.  Learn more about Hair Follicle Replication in Scottsdale AZ.

The size of the ACHM2® needles are many times smaller than those used by other companies. Because the needles are so small with deeper application of pigment, the ACHM2 technique results in greater permanence.

The ACHM2® also utilizes exclusive pigments developed by Weston. SMART PigmentsSM are a composite blend and individually mixed to match your own existing hair color and to compliment your natural skin undertone. These unique pigments are permanent lasting 20 years or more, but were engineered to continually naturally blend should your own hair start to gray in later years. In addition, should your skin tone change in years to come, the SMART Pigments will always compliment your skin tone. Our pigments also contain unique anti-shine agents.

Many times, results will be achieved after one treatment, but depending on extent of hair-loss, patients may require up to 3 treatments. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and customized pricing.

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